Drone Club


Students are learning and using new technology within school to prepare them for their futures. Schools are focusing on four main areas to ensure student success: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Western Center Academy (WCA) students have already introduced a number of STEM clubs to prepare students and further increase students’ interest.

Starting late last year, WCA’s Assistant Principal Michael Horton started a Drone Club. Mr. Horton said the big topic for up-and-coming engineers is drone technology. Approximately 30 students are currently participating in the club. Students are learning how to use, maintain, and precisely fly the drones through a series of indoor obstacles. Next year, Horton is hoping to expand the club to fly drones outdoors, custom build and program them to complete tasks, and eventually compete with other schools. 

“This club combines engineering, manual dexterity, programming, electronics, persistence, and more,” said Horton. “We would be doing our students a disservice if we did not have a Drone Club.” 

The club is open to all WCA students and they meet after school every three weeks.