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Fastweb Spring Scholarships

It's time to spring into your scholarship search and get inspired with this list of spring-themed scholarships!

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 23, 2019

Spring Scholarships
It's been a long winter and we're more than ready to welcome spring with open arms. To get you thinking spring, we searched our database for our top spring-themed scholarships. When we think spring, we think of planting flowers, singing in showers and, of course, rebirth (aka, baby animals). Also, sunshine and lots of eco-efforts because of Earth Day. So, that was the basis for our list. This list is mainly for your entertainment and springtime inspiration, so you likely won't qualify for all of the scholarships listed below since many are school, location or major-specific. The best way to find scholarships you're eligible for. Click the link below:
Fastweb Spring Scholarships
Welcome to the Western Center Academy Scholarship Page 
This page will be updated regularly with local scholarship information. 
Seniors, please be sure to check each scholarship application for deadlines. 

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Scholarships are gifts. They do not need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, and professional and social organizations.
Below are some useful websites to complete your $cholar$ship search: 
BigFuture:  BigFuture is part of College Board online tools for scholarship finder. Begin exploring scholarship opportunites by taking an inventory of your interests.  Your academic stregnths, extracuuicular activities and career goal are also importatnt. Use Schoalrship seat to get started.

FastWeb can help you find the right college and scholarships to help you pay for it. The Internet's premier scholarship search includes more than 600,000 scholarships worth more than $1 billion. FastWeb's customized college search offers access to 4,000 colleges. Also find expert advice and how-tos on admissions, financial aid, selecting a major, choosing acareer and more.

 Fastweb Scholarships
California provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college and career paths.  It has a College serach and Schoalrship Finder. 
FastWeb has published their Best College Scholarships of 2019
College Scholarships: 2019 Edition
Check out all the great scholarships by clicking the link below:
Class of 2020
Senior Scholarship Portfolio
Any senior wishing to be considered for local scholarships must submit a completed Scholarship Portfolio.
Scholarship Portfolios are due January 10, 2020
Please download the file below to complete the application.
Elks National Foundation
Most Valuable Student Scholarship
Open to graduating seniors.
Application Opens 8/5/19
Application Deadline 11/15/19
Information and application can be found at the following link: Elks Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship

Future Flyer Pitch

Scholarship competition for future entrepreneurs!
Open to high school juniors and seniors.
Click the link below for more information
Altura Credit Union High School Scholarships
Please check the site for the many scholarships they offer: